Safety Precautions In The Restaurant Business

Safety Precautions In The Restaurant Business

By Michael Fenton
February 10, 2021

Maintaining the Heart of Your Business With Digital Menus

In any successfully established restaurant, there is always a standard of cleanliness to best serve the customers and provide a pleasurable experience. Especially in these times during a pandemic, additional safety precautions must be taken to maintain the safety of both staff and guests. From social distancing measures to digital menus, it is extremely important that restaurants are utilizing all precautions for the sake of their business.  

Employees are truly the backbone of any kind of restaurant. Not only are they a representation of the restaurant overall, but these are the people who do anything the  customers need to ensure that they are taken care of in the establishment. For this reason alone, restaurant safety measures must be taken seriously so all staff are healthy and do not get customers or each other sick as a result. 

If a restaurant does not uphold safety measurements to keep people safe, they will ultimately have to shut down temporarily, or potentially even permanently if they continue to not take precautions. No matter what, each day closed is a lost day of profit that hurts the business. 

Here Are Some Guidelines To Minimizing Interactions and Improving Safety: 

1. Workable Signage and Social Distancing

If there’s any phrase to sum up this past year, it would be social distancing. Although these words are definitely well known to everyone by now, it can be challenging to keep parties safely distanced in a restaurant. Especially since guests take their masks off to eat while in the establishment, it is important for these places to have proper signage and rules about sanitizing your hands and maintaining distance from other customers. Plexiglass and other types of barriers are great examples of other ways to limit contact of certain areas of the restaurant to maintain safety.     

2. Managing Employee Health and Hygiene

Although it is impossible to completely control staff’s hygiene outside of the restaurant, it is still important that there are precautions taken while working to keep other staff and customers safe. This can be accomplished by providing staff proper gear such as face shields and gloves, daily health checks, and a constant hand washing standard. 

3. Cleaning and Sanitation

Cleaning and Sanitation standards are principles that should be upheld in any good restaurant nonetheless. The kitchen, dining rooms, and takeout stations should all be thoroughly cleaned often. Tables should be sanitized between guests and any highly touched areas should also be cleaned thoroughly throughout the day. Hand sanitizing stations for staff and customers should also be installed around the restaurant for good health practices.    

4. Contact Free Technology 

Limiting the amount of touched surfaces in general is also effective in reducing contact and maintaining a safe restaurant. One way to limit shared surfaces is replacing regular menus with digital menus. Through a QR code on the table or given on a disposable paper, the customers will be able to easily access the menu while only having to touch their own phone. Another solution to highly touched surfaces in a restaurant is switching to contactless payments. By accepting digital payment, neither the customer nor staff have to exchange cards, pens, and other objects that can be involved when paying. In a recent survey, 82% of consumers believe that contactless payment is a cleaner way to pay, so it will both be safer for everyone in the restaurant and ease customers’ minds. 

To learn more about digital menus and how your restaurant or agency can help uphold safe and successful business in the restaurants, click here.

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