Why Text Friendly Businesses are Becoming the Most Successful

Why Text Friendly Businesses are Becoming the Most Successful

By Michael Fenton
March 10, 2021

Does Your Business Text Yet?

Is your business currently thriving or barely surviving?

More people are at home and online more than ever before. In this time, you are witnessing what will be the biggest digital shift the business world may ever experience. There has never been more website traffic, searching for businesses to solve an issue online, and mobile ordering from restaurants prior to the pandemic. As a business yourself, now is your opportunity to evolve your marketing strategies to land the most clients and essentially make maximum profit. 

But with this digital shift occurring and growing so rapidly, how can you as a smart business quickly adapt your approach to be more effective without significantly costing you or potentially your entire business? 

Right now, your business is missing out on countless opportunities to make more sales if you had a better way to grab the attention of and communicate with these potential consumers. Did you know that only 2 out of every 100 website visitors turn into a lead? Furthermore, have you heard that up to 30% of all calls go answered during business hours? 

To View More Statistics on Widgets and Texting, Click Here 

The solution is right at your fingertips.  

There are software solutions that allow your business to communicate with leads more efficiently than ever before. By installing a simple line of code to your site you gain the benefit of a lead widget on your website, giving your prospects the access to your business via their mobile phones, and to text questions to your business in real time. Not only will you capture leads to maximize the conversion of all traffic that visit your website, you are building a better rapport with your consumers virtually by enabling them to chat with a real person on your staff. 

Infact, this simple addition on average doubles the leads that come into your business without having to increase traffic. 

This software improves your conversion rate in three simple steps. First, you are putting an eye-catching widget on your website. Not only are you drawing attention to your website, but you are now giving consumers the opportunity to interact with your business. Then, with the widget the consumers will enter their phone number so that they can get their inquiries answered by your business. Lastly, through the software your business will have a landline number and can view messages you have received through the software with our simple interface. You may also customize automated messages or leave notes within conversations to keep up to date information and never leave someone unanswered. Converting leads and engaging with consumers has never been easier.. 

Customers prefer to text over any other medium of communication, and appreciate fast replies. No matter the type of business, people want to get their questions answered while they are still interested to ultimately make a decision. Without an easy way to communicate, your business is losing chances to capture the leads that are already coming to your site. 

To learn more about how your business can update your marketing strategy by becoming text friendly for your consumers and how we can double your conversion rate, visit our website here or fill out the form below. 

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Jeff "Herschy" Schwerdt
I'm a former USAF F-16 Instructor Pilot turned entrepreneur. After experiencing a career ending back injury in 2007, I started working online and created my first digital agency in 2008, working with local business owners.

I'm a husband, father, international speaker, author, and the creator / co-founder of several products, software platforms, and tools designed to help internet marketers, local business owners, and digital service agencies.

Using my eight year military flying background, I focus on developing proven and repeatable systems that use easy to follow step by step processes to ensure we consistently bring in new clients using the power of automation.




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