Our social media advertising services have been tested and proven to successfully accelerate growth every time

The goal is to increase conversion rates using Social Media Advertising through Facebook by boosting awareness at the top of the funnel and leveraging automation to qualify the leads.

So Why Advertise Through Social Media and Act Now?

We give our clients the opportunity to see improved results at lower costs. Our primary focus is on Facebook lead ads to start, with the future plan of opening up your business’ scope to Instagram ads, LinkedIn ads, and other paid social ads.

This service stretches the full potential of your advertising budget to broaden your reach and send targeted social media users to your website, all while tracking conversions and measuring the essential metrics that matter.
I Need Help Generating Facebook Leads

By The Numbers

Social media advertising is the most cost-effective form of advertising available in the marketing space today for businesses to hit their target audience and drive web traffic. No matter what type of business you are, from e-commerce to a B2C or B2B company, any business can reach their target market easier with Facebook advertising.
The average Facebook user reportedly clicks on up to 12 Facebook ads in their timeline, each month.
80% of potential conversions on Facebook are lost due to poor ad strategy, wasting their marketing budget.
Only 6% of marketers report that they use Facebook video ads, the most consumed media type on the internet.
Facebook advertising campaigns reach nearly 2 billion monthly active users, or approximately 80% of all accounts.
It typically costs $5 to reach 1,000 people on Facebook, which is 3x more cost effective than traditional media outlets.
I Need Help Generating Facebook Leads

Instead of worrying about costs, you’re now busy talking to new leads

Our process to get your business the facebook ads results everyone wants.

Request Your Free Social Presence Audit

Click the button below to request your free audit. We’ll reach out to get your personalized meeting scheduled with our team. The more information you can provide us prior to the meeting, the more we will be able to understand your specific needs, how we can best support your business, and provide a specific plan of action moving forward in your advertising strategy.

Meet With Our Team To Review

We will show and explain any gaps found in your social presence audit and expand upon the potential areas we could improve to enhance your Facebook Ads performance. Our services take pride in its full transparency, and we will field any questions or advise of our process to help you make a well-informed decision.

We Work Diligently To Launch Your Campaign

Once onboard, your social ad campaign team gets to work. Your first approved campaign will launch ASAP. Additionally, we optimize your Facebook page and connect it to our lead qualification platform, further maximizing the potential for every generated lead to turn into a sale. Our #1 goal is to help you get more quality leads, sales, and build brand awareness online.

As a badged partner, we can help you unlock your hidden potential across Facebook apps and services. Our business has 24/7 access to advanced Facebook tools, training, and the best practices to help you stay ahead of the curve in every digital space.

Test, Analyze, Optimize, and Repeat

Our emphasis in this service is to make every dollar count. As we manage your Facebook Ads, we will prove that Facebook Ads either work for your specific business or don’t. Plain and simple. Our team dives deep into every campaign with intention to weed out the waste and improve upon the winners.

Unlike most other services out there, we also know when to call it quits. While Facebook is a great tool for most businesses, in some cases it is best to pack it up and shift your focus to spending ad money elsewhere. We have your best interest in mind, and will help you make the most informed decision for your business through a detailed metric based analysis.
I Need Help Generating Facebook Leads

Get MORE from your Ad Agency

Our social media advertising services help you generate immediate results in your social media strategy. We allow you to leverage the most cost-effective and targeted form of advertising available today. If your business is ready to capitalize on the most effective methods to boost your lead generation, brand awareness, and conversions and sales, our team is what you need.
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