Texting Is A Proven Marketing Strategy to increase Sales And Could Help Double Your Leads In 30 Days

We are currently living in what will be one of the biggest digital shifts the business world has ever experienced. There has never been more searches by consumers looking for businesses to solve an issue online, website traffic to small businesses, and customers looking for an answer to their most pressing questions. As a business, you must meet the new demand for real time responses in a “have it now” society for consumers. Which makes it necessary today more than ever to evolve your marketing strategies to meet their demands helping turn visitors into prospects, and then quickly convert them into a customer or client.

Talk To Website Visitors In Real Time

Right now, your business could be missing out on countless opportunities to make more sales if you had a more efficient strategy to grab the attention of and communicate with your business’ prospects.

Shorten Your Sales Cycle

Automatically capture and respond instantly to a website visitor, while they are still on your site, looking at your business. Imagine being able to communicate via text message, the preferred medium for a consumer, but through a private number that’s not your personal cellphone. You’ll easily bridge the gap of communication with your prospects in an appealing manner that will maximize every lead that lands on your site. Making your business text friendly will become one of your most successful business strategies to date.
Convert Website Visitors Into SMS Leads

Perfect For Sales, Support, And Marketing Teams

Text messaging has become the go-to channel for communication, for our lives use and now for business. However, our software is so much more than just a simple texting platform. It comes jam packed with advanced automation, lead routing, keyword targeting, and advanced messaging features.
of website visitors turn into a lead without having a lead widget.
of consumers' calls go unanswered during business hours.
of businesses say that getting leads and visitor conversion is their biggest marketing challenge.
of visitors who come to your website are not ready to buy yet.
of consumers say they prefer to talk to a real person than a chat bot.
more likely to get in contact with a customer if the business responds within 5 minutes.
Convert Website Visitors Into SMS Leads

How It Works

Improve Your Visitor Conversion Rate In Three Simple Steps

1. Mobile Lead Capture on Your Website

Not only are you creating interest in your website for your potential consumers, your business is also giving these visitors the opportunity to interact with your business and ultimately make a decision on your product. Once you have caught the attention of your prospects with the widget, they can enter their information including their phone number so they can talk to your business directly.

2. Enabling Landline Texting For Your Business

Through the software, your business will have a text enabled number to respond to any questions you receive from consumers. This system gives your prospects the ability to communicate with you in real time and with an actual person from your business. You will have read and respond to all messages via the software’s platform, which is accessible on any computer or mobile device. Your business also has the opportunity to customize automated messages to ensure that no prospect is left behind and every lead is maximized, even after business hours.

3. Utilizing Text Connect Across All Media and Platforms

Now that your business leverages text marketing, it is important that you put that on your website, marketing materials, and all social media platforms. Along with adjusting your lead generation and conversion strategy, you can also update your social media marketing approach by putting “Text Us Now” or “Text Us To Connect” on all of your print and media. Your business can clearly demonstrate reciprocity and the dedication your business invests in taking care of your customers. Converting leads and engaging with consumers has never been easier.
Convert Website Visitors Into SMS Leads

Get MORE from your Ad Agency

Our social media advertising services help you generate immediate results in your social media strategy. We allow you to leverage the most cost-effective and targeted form of advertising available today. If your business is ready to capitalize on the most effective methods to boost your lead generation, brand awareness, and conversions and sales, our team is what you need.
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