8 Tips To Improve Your Social Media Presence

8 Tips To Improve Your Social Media Presence

By Michael Fenton
February 24, 2021

How Social Media Could Influence Your Sales

Think of your social media page as the extension of your website. It must quickly grab the viewer’s attention but inform them about your business so that they want to learn more. 

Social media has become one of the strongest marketing strategies for businesses to target their audience and provide content that will essentially lead to a sale. Without sufficient content, consumers will not see the value of visiting your page and will quickly shift their interest to another business. 

Although creating content for your business seems like a simple task, it can often be challenging to convey your message in a convincing yet understanding way to your users. With 40% of digital consumers using social networks to research new brands and products, it is crucial that the language and tone of your content is powerful and moves the viewer in some emotional way to consequently take action. To successfully run this aspect of digital marketing, your content and social media presence must work hand in hand to paint the best picture of your product or services to the viewers in the way they want to see it. 

But now you may be wondering, what are the most effective techniques to create content for my business’ audience on my social media platforms?

Here are 8 Tips to Help Improve Your Social Media Content and Appeal to Your Audience  

Target Your Specific Audience

Social Media is the best tool to get to know your consumer audience and learn more on how to most efficiently feed them content. To guide your efforts in content marketing, you should know when your consumers are online, what type of content do they like or not like, and when they interact the most with other businesses. All of this information will help you create and post content that will reach them and ultimately receive the most engagement. 

Use Social Media as A Listening Tool

Similar to targeting your specific audience, your platform is a great opportunity to gauge what content your users value the most, what questions they are asking, and current potential pain points you can tap into in your own content. Furthermore, you can utilize social media to figure out the relevant topics or recent trends that are happening in your industry.

Focus on The Reader 

By putting emphasis on the reader and talking directly to them when writing your content, they will recognize how your business is here to help them find a solution to their issue. Writing in second person and asking questions to make viewers reflect is the most effective way in grabbing their attention and standing out. In your content, let the helping do the selling for your business. 

Make Them Curious 

If you do not make them wonder about what your business has to offer after seeing your content, they will most likely not be interested in buying your product. Build their curiosity within your content and emphasize that there is a value to your business that they need to know more about. 

Explore Different Modes of Content

As you may know, different social media platforms have countless methods and opportunities to post different types of content. You could potentially use regular posted content, video marketing, and many more features that you can experiment with on your social media. Try different things with your content for your audience and see which produces your business the best results. 

Be Consistent 

Being consistent with posting content is just as crucial as the information within the content. If your business is not posting regularly, your consumers will easily forget and move onto the next freshest thing they view on social media. One way to stay active on all of your social media platforms is to stick to a schedule and automate your posts. Then, you will never have to worry about if and when you are posting content, and can focus on other attentive tasks in your business. 

Build Relationships With Your Followers 

The whole purpose of having a social media platform is to connect and interact with your followers. Building a relationship with people who support your business will not only help you in creating successfully engaging content, but also keep consumers interested and reciprocate the value you bring them through purchasing your products. 

Be Human

With most things digital and automated now, there is nothing better to a customer than being able to talk to an actual person from a business. Display that even though you are a business catering to them, you are also human and truly care about helping and bringing them valuable content. 

Now, your next move is to take the correct steps and put a plan into place to improve your social media presence and content on your platforms. It will be worthwhile to work out your strategy and your execution of small steps overtime. 

We have tools that automate your business’ social media for you that posts regularly done for you content on a schedule you can set yourself for your audience. In terms of your social media plan, our tools are a great start to jump starting your platform into being an extremely engaging and successful aspect of your marketing.

If you would like to talk to our team concerning our automatic posting system or would like to set up consulting for assistance on how to create a marketing strategy that will dominate your competitors, fill out the form below or visit our website here. 

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Jeff "Herschy" Schwerdt
I'm a former USAF F-16 Instructor Pilot turned entrepreneur. After experiencing a career ending back injury in 2007, I started working online and created my first digital agency in 2008, working with local business owners.

I'm a husband, father, international speaker, author, and the creator / co-founder of several products, software platforms, and tools designed to help internet marketers, local business owners, and digital service agencies.

Using my eight year military flying background, I focus on developing proven and repeatable systems that use easy to follow step by step processes to ensure we consistently bring in new clients using the power of automation.




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